Vinoklet Winery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Vinoklet Winery

If you’re anything like me, you love wine. Maybe you daydream about booking a flight to the Napa Valley in California. What many people don’t realize is that it’s likely you have a vineyard not far from where you live. There are local wineries all over the States! When I found one in the outskirts of Cincinnati called Vinoklet Winery…

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Monthly Round-Up Cocktails

Monthly Round-Up: Links for the Perfect Summer Cocktails

There is nothing better than relaxing and sipping on a cocktail during the summer. I really enjoyed learning how to make new concoctions this year. I found so many great recipes through Pinterest on blogs! This post is just to share those links so you can get to mixing up your own summer yumminess.

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Why I Quit Stitch Fix-Liberosis Online

Why I Quit Stitch Fix

I was first drawn to sign up for Stitch Fix this spring by a coworker. The idea of clothes showing up on your door reminded me of a monthly Christmas gift (that you pay for yourself). I filled out my style profile and received my first Fix. However, by Fix #3, I decided to call it quits. Here are some reasons below:

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