Currently Reading: Nothing!

Currently Reading: Nothing….

I love typing up “Currently Reading” posts because I’ve loved to read from a young age. This summer I’ve been going through a bit of a reading slump, however. I seem to just have lost my drive to want to read. At all. I need help!

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My Engagement Story

We have been talking about getting engaged for quite some time, but sometimes making it a reality is difficult. For me to say that I want to marry someone is a big deal-I don’t take the idea of marriage lightly. But as you probably know by now, we both have this mutual dream…

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Recent Home Item Finds

Ever since I moved into my first rental home, I feel like I was missing items to complete the space. When I lived in a town home and had less space, I only had what I truly needed. Now that I have a full kitchen and outdoor area, I am working on adding to my home with unique home items that I find.

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