Matcha Green-Tea Recipe Round-Up

May Round-Up: Match Green Tea Love

My obsession started when I was given a green-tea Kit-Kat bar to try. yes, you read that right. And it was sooo good! That same month I tried green-tea ice cream at an Asian restaurant while on a trip. My obsession reached full-swing when I discovered the green-tea frappacinno at Starbucks. Heaven. Match is really popular right now, and also really healthy for you! Here are some…

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Easy White Artichoke Pizza

When we were in Canada, my boyfriend’s family always has a pizza night (if you haven’t read the Clear Lake post, read it here). They make around 15 pizzas with all kinds of toppings. One of the pizzas, the white artichoke pizza, was my favorite. It’s super easy to make for a cozy Friday night in.

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Vinoklet Winery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Vinoklet Winery

If you’re anything like me, you love wine. Maybe you daydream about booking a flight to the Napa Valley in California. What many people don’t realize is that it’s likely you have a vineyard not far from where you live. There are local wineries all over the States! When I found one in the outskirts of Cincinnati called Vinoklet Winery…

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