Liberosis Life

Liberosis Life is something that I thought long and hard about when creating this blog and choosing its message. The idea for this blog formed when I was in the middle of the my first year in “the real-world” post-college. I received a double degree in English for Secondary Education and English Literature because I love reading, writing, and learning. I became constantly anxious and stressed, and I realized that I was no longer reading or writing on my own terms. I was no longer enjoying the process of learning, and my overall happiness was negatively affected.

I have always had a love of learning through literature, and I was able to write/be published while in college. I found myself to be a millennial who worked extremely hard but was not satisfied with what I was doing and wanted to push my boundaries.

I realized that I had this huge desire to simply care less since I care way too much about everything, all the time. Thus, Liberosis (the desire to care less) was born. This blog is a way for me to get back at my creative roots and write freely under my own direction while connecting with those out there who want to embrace their lives and what they are passionate about.

I chose the triangle as the symbol since it represents change, which the millennial generation is constantly experiencing. The line across the top that signifies infinite direction symbolizes the need for continuous exploration of myself and the world. It is through these tenants that millennial are making their mark in the world and making the most of their own lives.

I hope this blog inspires those who care way too much about the negative influences in life to care less and live in the moment. Make yourself happy. This blog will serve up inspiration through fashion, beauty, travel, and more.