IMG_3463 I am a millennial that cares way too much about life, but I am learning to “care less” and live in the moment every day. I am a recent college grad (WKU, 14’) originally from Louisville, KY. I have adventurous spirit, and on a near whim I moved to Cincinnati, OH in June 2015.

I am currently a new high school English teacher with a journalism background. I have a strong love for learning and change, so we will see where life takes me. I love exploring locally and abroad. I believe that we best learn about ourselves when we seek to explore the unknown and see what we are capable of achieving.

So far my international travel experience has included Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, but I have a very long travel wish list! I tend to create my style by looking for inspiration from around the world and by simply looking for what I personally like. I’m looking forward to sharing my love for travel, style, food, and life with you!

My loves include my long time boyfriend Chad, my Dalmatian, Perdita, my black cat ,Cora, travel, literature, fashion, and good food and drinks. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee, fresh, colorful flowers, and anything soft.

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Snapchat: drewby122