My Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story in the Boston Public Garden

I got engaged while I was in Boston with my boyfriend, so I wanted to provide a short recap on the blog! In case you missed it, I posted about our Boston travel itinerary last week, so go check that out here.

We have been talking about getting engaged for quite some time, but sometimes making it a reality is difficult. For me to say that I want to marry someone is a big deal-I don’t take the idea of marriage lightly. But as you probably know by now, we both have this mutual dream of settling in Boston together and have looked forward to this trip for a long time, which is why getting engaged there was so special!

We had a rough day of travel to get to the city. We had one flight cancellation, which meant taking 3 planes instead of 2. We also had some delays and had to race through Chicago O’Hare. Pretty stressful day!

When we finally made it to Boston and checked into our hotel, the first place we wanted to see was the Boston Public Garden since we had read about how beautiful it is. And it was truly beautiful-we saw the resident swans Romeo and Juliet nesting with their eggs, huge displays of roses and other flowers, and beautiful statues. It’s a stunning oasis in the middle of the city.

That day it was 70 degrees and sunny, probably a rarity in Boston, so the park was crowded. We walked around and Chad kept awkwardly saying “There’s so many people here….there’s so many people here…” to which I replied, “Well, yes, it’s a park in the middle of a city on a beautiful sunny day…”

We found a corner of the park with hardly any people and I asked why he was being so weird. That’s when he blurted out that he was trying to find the perfect spot to propose. This honestly made me laugh because I found it all to be hilarious (I know Chad too well). He pulled the ring out (which is perfect. It’s the only ring I’ve ever actually loved and not just liked!) and gave me his proposal speech. He did get down on one knee-for about 2 seconds-because he was so nervous.

The whole thing is a bit silly, but it was honestly perfect and fit us as a couple so well. The Garden ended up becoming my favorite place in the city, and this is definitely a big reason why.

I really enjoyed those days we had in Boston to enjoy our engagement. Besides calling friends and family to tell them the news, it was just us and we enjoyed our time there together. Once we got home, the craziness of starting to plan happened, so I’m thankful for those few days to simply enjoy.

Thanks for reading-and I plan to update you all on wedding plans here and there! If you visit Boston, definitely make the Garden your first stop.

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