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Ever since I moved into my first rental home, I feel like I was missing items to complete the space. When I lived in a town home and had less space, I only had what I truly needed. Now that I have a full kitchen and outdoor area, I am working on adding to my home with unique home items that I find.

I’ve also started having more people over, which has been awesome! I want pieces that are presentable while functional so that my home looks nice.

This post just rounds up my last 3 buys. They’re both budget friendly and useful!

  • Threshold Hippo Cookie Jar from Target: I did not previously have a cookie jar, but when I saw this at Target I knew it would make the perfect addition to my kitchen. It’s grey, which is one of my favorite colors. It’s also so adorable! It reminded me of the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona, who was born prematurely. I always love animal themed items. This will be so cute in my kitchen for years to come, and it’s always nice to have additional hidden storage space. Best of all, the cookie jar was only $20! Here is the link: ¬†
  • Marble and Gold Dome Platter from Marshalls: I’ve been a big fan of marble kitchen items lately. Eventually I want to have my whole kitchen marble and copper themed. Unfortunately, marble items can be a bit pricey. I found this cute platter at Marshall’s for $20. Luckily for me I waited, and it went down to $16 on clearance. It’s a beautiful piece and very heavy. I used it at a girl’s get together I had recently and it was the perfect way to display some cupcakes I had bought. This is more of a statement piece, but it was also nice to use since it can protect food items. Here is a link to s aimilar one at Target (Williams and Sonoma and Crate & Barrel have similar options that are a bit higher):¬†
  • Sea Creature Plastic Outdoor Cups from Walmart: I ran in to Walmart to pick up a few items and found these in the seasonal section. They were under $2 a piece. They’re very cute and perfect for using outside. All we have are glass cups, and we’ve already broken a couple from hanging out outside. I used them when I had friends over, so they were cute and functional. You can only buy them in stores.
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